How do I apply for a drilling permit?


After obtaining an oil and gas lease, an operator must next get a permit to drill a well. The OGCC regulates oil, gas, helium, CO2, and geothermal drilling and production in Arizona. The OGCC is attached to the AZGS, which provides administrative and staff support. AZGS staff review drilling applications for compliance with rules, issue permits to drill, and perform well-site inspections on behalf of the OGCC. Basic requirements for drilling, completing, and producing oil and gas wells are explained in the oil, gas, and geothermal resources rules, which are part of the the Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) in Title 12 (Natural Resources), Chapter 7 (Oil and Gas Conservation Commission). The OGCC has authority to approve requests for variance or exception to many of the general statewide rules after notice and hearing.

To begin the permitting process it is helpful to first inform the Oil and Gas Administrator about your interest in drilling. This initial contact and informal discussion may save time in putting together an application that is administratively complete. Questions about the OGCC, its rules or applications to drill may be directed to the Oil and Gas Administrator.