What are recent production numbers for oil, gas and carbon dioxide?


Oil production totaled 56,239 barrels from 19 producing wells in 2014, down from 60,072 barrels from 25 wells in 2013. Gas production totaled 105.6 million cubic feet from 6 producing gas wells in 2014, up from 71.9 million cubic feet from 5 wells in 2013. No CO2 was produced in 2014. There were two active disposal wells and nine shut-in wells at yearend including 7 oil, 1 gas and 1 CO2, well.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) transferred in 2014 through storage wells near Phoenix and Holbrook included 183 million gallons in receipts and 153 million gallons in deliveries, as compared to 168 million gallons received and 188 million gallons delivered in 2013. About 70 million gallons of LPG were in storage at yearend 2014, up from 57 million gallons in 2013. There are currently fourteen storage wells in subsurface salt near Phoenix and Holbrook. Plains LPG Services LP owns and operates the LPG facility near Phoenix. Enterprise Products owns and operates the LPG facility near Holbrook.