What is the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and what are its responsibilities?


The Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) has statutory responsibility to regulate the drilling for and production of oil, gas, helium, carbon dioxide, and geothermal resources. It consists of five members appointed by the Governor and one ex-officio member, the State Land Commissioner. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality provides administrative and staff support. Current Commission members include Frank Thorwald, Sun City, Chairman; J. Dale Nations, Vice Chairman, Tucson; Stephen R. Cooper, Casa Grande; William C. Feyerabend, Prescott Valley; and Lisa Atkins, ex-officio member and State Land Commissioner.

The scope of AOGCC responsibilities include:

  • Conduct regular Commission meetings and special hearings
  • Review applications for permits to drill, and approve if properly completed
  • Inspect wells for compliance, both during drilling and after completion
  • Monitor oil, gas, geothermal, and helium drilling activities
  • Provide information to the exploration and development communities and the public