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Q: Does the AOGCC have information about mining and minerals?

A: No. The agency that provides information about mining and minerals is the Arizona Geological Survey | Call 520-61-2470 and the state regulatory agency for mining is the State Mine Inspector at 1700 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007 | Call 602 542-5971


Q: Where do I obtain information about oil and gas in Arizona?

A:  Publications are distributed through the Arizona Geological Survey |  View > . You can also visit the AZGS Documents Repository and search for "oil and gas" | View  Site > 


Q: What happens to subsurface data?

A: The AOGCC requires drilling operators to submit subsurface data, including rock samples, logs, and all test results, to the AZGS to be filed and archived. These drilling data add to the general understanding of Arizona's geologic framework and subsurface mineral and energy resources. The AZGS maintains a series of maps that show the location of oil, gas, and geothermal wells and the types of subsurface data that are available for examination. Subsurface samples from oil and gas wells are added to the AZGS sample repository.


Q: What about inspections and enforcement of regulations?

A: Staff routinely inspect and monitor all wells according to the state regulations.


Q: How do I obtain recent production numbers for oil, gas, helium and carbon dioxide?

A: Annual and monthly production reports for oil, gas, helium and carbon dioxide are no longer published by the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. However, per the oil and gas rules (A.A.C. R12-7-161 and R12-7-185), operators continue to report their production, storage and deliveries. This information is still available to the public. To obtain monthly production data since January 2017 |  Make a Records Request > 


Q: Can I view recently approved drilling permits?

A: Yes, you can review recently approved drilling permits online | View Permits >


Q: How do I apply for a drilling permit?

A: An operator must get a permit to drill a well after obtaining an oil and gas lease. The AOGCC regulates oil, gas, helium, CO2, and geothermal drilling and production in Arizona, and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality provides administrative support to the AOGCC. The Oil and Gas Administrator reviews drilling applications for compliance with rules, issues permits to drill, and performs well-site inspections on behalf of the AOGCC. Basic requirements for drilling, completing, and producing oil and gas wells are explained in the oil, gas, and geothermal resources rules, which are part of the the Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) in Title 12 (Natural Resources), Chapter 7 (Oil and Gas Conservation Commission)1. The AOGCC has the authority to approve requests for variance or exception to many of the general statewide rules after notice and hearing.

To begin the permitting process, contacting the Oil and Gas Administrator about your interest in drilling is strongly recommended. This initial informal discussion saves time putting together an application | View Application > 

Questions about the AOGCC, its rules, or applications to drill may be directed to the Oil and Gas Administrator | Email > | Phone 602-771-4501  

1 A.A.C. Title 12 (Natural Resources), Chapter 7 | View > 


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