The Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AZOGCC) meets regularly, approximately every six weeks. Minutes are posted only after they are approved by the Commission, however, a recording of the meeting is available below within three days of the meeting. Past minutes and/or meeting documents dating back to 1959 are also listed below. ADEQ posts upcoming meetings and notices at and on the notice boards located in the Phoenix Main Office and Southern Regional Office lobby areas | See Office Locations >

AZOGCC meetings are also live streamed and uploaded to the AZOGCC YouTube page | Visit Page >

E.g., 2024-06
E.g., 2024-06
E.g., 2024-06
Month and Yearsort descending Minutes Meeting Files Recordings
August 2019 PDF icon M2019.08.9.pdf PDF icon MA2019.08.9.pdf
October 2019 PDF icon M2019.10.03.pdf PDF icon MA2019.10.03.pdf
October 2019 PDF icon M_PublicHearing_2019.10.03_C.pdf PDF icon MA_PublicHearing_2019.10.03_C.pdf
October 2019 PDF icon M_PublicHearing_2019.10.03_R.pdf PDF icon MA_PublicHearing_2019.10.03_R.pdf
December 2019 PDF icon M2019.12.06.pdf PDF icon MA2019.12.06.pdf
January 2020 PDF icon M2020.01.24.pdf PDF icon MA2020.01.24.pdf
January 2020 PDF icon M_PublicHearing_2020.01.24.pdf PDF icon MA_PublicHearing_2020.01.24.pdf
March 2020 PDF icon M2020.03.20.pdf PDF icon MA2020.03.20.pdf
May 2020 PDF icon M2020.05.15.pdf PDF icon MA2020.05.15.pdf
May 2020 PDF icon M_PublicHearing_2020.05.15.pdf PDF icon MA_PublicHearing_2020.05.15.pdf
July 2020 PDF icon M2020.7.17.pdf PDF icon MA2020.7.17.pdf
September 2020 PDF icon M2020.9.25.pdf PDF icon MA2020.9.25.pdf
November 2020 PDF icon M2020.11.20.pdf PDF icon MA2020.11.20.pdf
January 2021 PDF icon M_PublicHearing_2021.01.15.pdf PDF icon MA_PublicHearing_2021.01.15.pdf
January 2021 PDF icon M2021.01.15.pdf PDF icon MA2021.01.15.pdf
March 2021 PDF icon M2021.03.19.pdf PDF icon MA2021.03.19.pdf
May 2021 PDF icon M2021.05.21.pdf PDF icon MA2021.05.21.pdf
July 2021 PDF icon M2021.07.16.pdf PDF icon MA2021.07.16.pdf
September 2021 PDF icon M2021.09.17.pdf PDF icon MA2021.09.17.pdf
November 2021 PDF icon M2021.11.19.pdf PDF icon MA2021.11.19.pdf
February 2022 PDF icon M2022.02.11.pdf PDF icon MA2022.02.11.pdf
March 2022 PDF icon M2022.03.25.pdf PDF icon MA2022.03.25.pdf
May 2022 PDF icon MA.2022.05.20.pdf
October 2022 PDF icon MA.2022.10.28.pdf
February 2023 PDF icon MA2023.02.17.pdf
June 2023 PDF icon MA2023.06.09.pdf
July 2023 PDF icon MA2023.07.21.pdf
September 2023 PDF icon MA2023.09.15.pdf
October 2023 PDF icon MA2023.10.27.pdf
December 2023 PDF icon MA2023.12.08.pdf
January 2024 PDF icon MA2024.01.19.pdf
March 2024 PDF icon MA2024.03.01.pdf
March 2024 PDF icon MA2024.03.15.pdf
April 2024 PDF icon MA2024.04.12.pdf


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